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Pure Kung Fu. If you're looking for a serious club then check out this school. This is not a lot of trophies and belts and drills and yelling. Not militaristic and regimented. SITO is a family of people working out the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system together. You'll get out of the training based what effort you put into it. Ving Tsun is an awesome system; both effective and efficient. You learn actionable stuff right away. You can learn a lot quickly. Sifu Victor Chung is quality teacher and transmitter of this art. For more info check out: * vingtsunsito dot com * vingtsun dash usa dot org * modernmartialartist dot com * moyyat dot com * "Wing Chun" page on Wikipedia

Zake S

I was originally skeptical about this Ving Tsun school and its authenticity, but after my first orientation I immediately know this is the real stuff and is the exact martial art that I was looking for a long long time. You train at your own pace and the school will teach you as much as one can absorb. The environment is friendly and students are cooperative; we help each other to improve in learning and practicing Ving Tsun. I have been in the school for over a year and a half now and everyday there are either a new move to learn or practice refinement till perfection.

Phillip P

I was always very skeptical about joining martial arts schools because I always though it was like any other type of physical program, There is a teacher at the head of the class and you follow what the teacher says or does. No doubt there are schools like that but not this one. I feel very fortunate that my first experience was a lasting one. The instructor (Sifu) Victor Chung believes that a good and close relationship with the Sifu and students is what helps in learning the martial arts. You build a family that work together, train together, have fun together..living a kung fu life is what excels the teachings. The first week of training here and you already feel like a part of the Sito family. Everyone has a genuine heart and very accepting. I have been training for almost 2 years now and I feel like I couldn't live life without these people. Sifu Victor Chung is under the Moy Bah Hugh lineage, in turn which is under the Moy Yat family, one of the largest lineages of Ving Tsun. But even though it is one of the largest, it never felt commercial. I would tell you to consider this school if you are thinking of taking Ving Tsun, you wont regret

Micah W

What's more exciting than learning Ving Tsun (aka Wing Chun) Kung Fu; the same type of Kung Fu Bruce Lee learned from Legendary Ip Man (aka Yip Man)? ANSWER: Learning Ving Tsun Kung Fu from Master Victor Chung (aka Moy Yook) who studied directly under Grandmaster Pete Pajil (Moy Bah Hugh) and the venerable Grandmaster Moy Yat (1938-2001) who studied directly under IP MAN! Sifu Victor Chung emphasizes the maintenance of "Traditional" Ving Tsun Kung Fu and is very generous with his time in lectures and in hands-on training. From learning Ving Tsun Kung Fu, I've gained a considerable amount of Knowledge in Self-Defense, the meaning of Kung Fu, Family, and Culture. I've also gained a newfound respect for Ving Tsun Kung Fu! Thank You Sifu & VTS Family!

Caitlyn C

I walked by this place for a couple of months before deciding to make an appointment for an orientation and I'm really glad that I took the time to check them out. The orientation was more than just a quick walk around the school and a discussion about fees. One of the senior students met me and talked with me about the Wing Chun system and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know more about me and what my interests were and what drew me to Wing Chun. He even showed me the first part of the first form and some drills that I could do to improve my coordination. I've practiced a few different styles of fighting (wrestling, boxing, and fencing), and Wing Chun is by far my favorite. The "sito" style of learning is definitely the best way to learn it. Sifu Victor Chung is very accessible and gives a lot of his time and energy to the school and to the system of Wing Chun. Worth a look if you have even an inkling of interest in learning a new fighting system.

Wesley B

If you are looking for a casual place to learn kung fu this is the place to go. This is not to say you will not have any type of structure as Sifu Victor is there everyday for hands on training wether for beginner or experienced. I have personally found the components of Ving Tsun SITO (Martial Intelligence and Ving Tsun Attributes) extremely interesting. It's not just about physical martial arts but mental as well. I had to look inside myself and be truthful as to how my kung fu is progressing and my Sifu and Si hing's will efficiently guide me toward the next stage. Come in and meet with Sifu Victor and the SITO family.

Galen C