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Rules & Regulations


Before practicing

  • Sign-in and make sure your dues are current
  • Turn-off mobile phones & mobile devices – “Vibrate” mode is still ON
  • Remove all jewelry and hats (caps, etc.)
  • Change into uniform (i.e. plain white shirt & black sweat/wind breaker pants)
  • Secure belongings in your available box
  • Wash hands and arms thoroughly between your elbow and fingertips

While practicing

  • No unsupervised sparring of any kind
  • Stretch out your body prior to doing any physical training
  • Wipe down sweat before and after using exercise equipment
  • Be mindful of others while practicing
  • Communicate clearly what you are working on in practice
  • Practice what you know and don’t attempt anything you don’t know
  • Seek proper instructions from Sifu or any Sihing
  • Know your position within SI TO

After practice

  • Clean up your mess (cups, bottles, and paper towels)
  • Wash hands and arms again
  • Change clothes if you need to before going home
  • Make sure the shower and bathroom are clean before and after using it
  • All regular students MUST leave the school before 9pm
  • No Loitering or hanging out at the school EVER