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Ving Tsun SITO Kung Fu Board elections

September 2017 – Nominations
There are five board seats. Responsibilities include periodic meetings, managing school, running non-profit, fundraising.

October 2017 – Secret ballot election

Wednesday November 1, 2017 – New Board III announced

Board III Nominations:
President – Zake Stahl; OPEN
Vice President – Mike Tom; OPEN
Treasurer – OPEN
Secretary – Eumir; OPEN
Member at Large – Ron Keith; Eddy Lee; OPEN

Board II:
Fred Wong – President (till moved to SOCAL)
Phillip Pang – President; Vice President (bumped up when Fred left)
Chhunleng Tov – Treasurer
Eumir Santos – Secretary
Zake Stahl – Member at Large
Ron Keith – Temp Member (added when Fred left)

Board I:
Mike Tom – President
Andrew Wong – Vice President
Mike Lee – Treasurer
Galan Chan – Secretary
Fred Wong – Member at Large