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Most people come to any style of kung fu looking to find certain results. You want to get fit. You want to learn to defend yourself. You want to get strong, or coordinated, or fast.

Very few people consciously come looking for non-physical results, but some do. Things like more confidence, a caring and respectful community, or a peaceful and safe place to spend a few evenings a week.

The practice of Ving Tsun kung fu, especially at VTS, can bring a patient person all of the things mentioned above through regular attendance and development of the basic principles and attributes of Ving Tsun. In a few months, faster if you’re a quick study, you come to see that the system offers so much more. The first time you play Siu Nim Tau (the first empty-hand form) //link to a SNT video// you embark on what we call your “kung fu life.”

Your perception shifts as you practice Siu Nim Tau everyday. Your physical perception of the world, sure, but your general view of how you act and how you function in your day-to-day activities. The principles bleed through into your work, your other hobbies, and your relationships. “Center line” becomes more than an imagined plane on the body, and you begin to filter out things at work that distract you from the pertinent issues right in front of you; shifting to face different issues head-on. You learn to be more honest and direct in your relationships, again, facing problems with forward energy and less hiding. You learn, or re-learn, the importance of relaxation for fast and effective responses, whether you’re trying to think through a problem or respond to a more immediate issue.

Hard to believe how something so simple can permeate one’s life so thoroughly. The system is deceptive in it’s simplicity and addictive in it’s effectiveness. The Ving Tsun system is not for everyone. Seeing concrete results takes time and patience, to be sure. So does anything worth learning. This is your kung fu life. Start it today. //link to orientation application//