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I think it’s still important for us to have an “about” page, but I think that it should focus on our school and sifu specifically. This is what I think the categories should be:


Ving Tsun System (picture of the VT characters, Ip Man, something)

– a sentence or two about the system, link to the page on attributes, principles, etc.

Sito Kung Fu (Picture of mogwoon, one of our group pictures, or maybe just the characters)

– A few sentences about what “Sito” means ( combining of “si” and “to” characters with illustrations of the characters maybe? – Mica could help with this).

– A few sentences about how we roll.

Sifu Victor Chung (Sifu’s smiling face)

– A couple of sentences about his VT history.

– A couple of sentences about the founding of the school.